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UI customisation

Relative sizes of clip description and thumbnail can be changed using clip info area splitter, for details read Clip info area topic.

Compact view

3D Youtube Downloader has so-called Compact view to which can be switched each program work mode (Fig.2). To switch to compact view resize main window to smaller size using right bottom window corner.

Compact view can be resized horizontally. Vertical resizing will turn back standard view with clip info area.

Minimum size
Fig.1 Advanced mode with minimum window size
Compact view
Fig.2 Same mode in compact view

Aero UI

On Windows 7 and above you can switch to Aero UI. It enables Windows Aero glass effect on whole window. To switch to Aero UI use popup menu Tools User Interface.

Aero user interface
Fig.3 Aero UI on Windows 7
Standard user interface
Fig.4 Standard UI on Windows 7 default theme

Help Usage UI customisation