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Supported sites

Below is the list of supported sites. Note, this list could change from version to version. To see actual list supported in the installed version, go to About window and click on Supported sites link.

SiteAdditionally supported features
Youtube (, subtitles, 3D, HFR, HDR
Vimeo (
Dailymotion (, subtitles, 3D
VK (
LiveLeak ( (
Veoh (
Facebook (
eBaum's World ( (
Team Four Star (
GodTube ( (
Daily HaHa ( (
Bofunk (

Feeds - support for the site feeds (playlists, channels, user uploads etc).
Subtitles - website can provide external subtitles for the videos.
3D - clips can contain 3D videos.
HFR - clips can contain high frame rate videos.
HDR - clips can contain high dynamic range videos.
* - partial support due to mixed content on the website.

Help Miscellaneous Supported sites