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1.20.4 (27-May-2024)

This update is an attempt to "fix" a problem when Chrome and Firefox falsely report 1.20.3 x64 installer as dangerous. No real changes here unfortunately, ony a waste of your and mine time and bandwidth.

Here is what is known so far:

Finally, there is no way to report false positive for files. They provide this only for sites (very basic form actually, with no way to track reported issue).

So this is why version 1.20.4 was made.

For the info (in case it is blocked too), you still can download installer without disabling Safe Browsing. In Brave and Chrome need to click on Show all downloads and then click on button Keep dangerous file. In Firefox you just click on blocked download and select Allow download.

Side note on how to check Google Safe Browsing behavior in browsers. After file is downloaded, browser sends request to Safe Browsing. What data is sent can be inspected this way:

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