20 Jul 2017

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Subtitles support

Youtube and Dailymotion clips are able to have external subtitles (closed captions). External means that they are not part of the video frame. So they can be turned off and for one clip may be available several different subtitles.

Note, subtitles are available only in case if the author have uploaded those along with the video. Thus not all videos have subtitles.

On Youtube in addition to regular subtitles are also available two other kinds of subtitles: Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and auto-translated subtitles (machine translation of one of regular subtitles or ASR, available only when the clip has some of them).

Program uses SubRip (*.srt) files for subtitles. Subtitles file name is generated automatically by appending media file name with a language code, e.g. for English subtitles a file name "video.mp4" becomes "video.en.srt".

In Simple and Convert modes subtitles are ignored by default. In Advanced mode all available subtitles are listed in formats combo box but they are not initially selected to download.

This default behavior can be overridden. Program has options to fine-tune which subtitles to download automatically (or, in case of Advanced mode, automatically select to download). These options are preset-wide so they can be found in preset configuration window (under Download subtitles group). Each type of subtitles (regular / ASR / auto-translated) has separate configuration there. Using these options can be selected any set of subtitles.

Manual subtitles selection

In Advanced mode available subtitles are placed in Subtitles popup menu of formats combo box. This popup menu is disabled if there are no subtitles on the clip page.

It is also possible to download subtitles alone: hold the Ctrl key and click on media files in qualities combo box menu, this way they will become unselected.

If the clip has auto-translated subtitles then there are always a lot of them. So they are placed in separate popup menu Subtitles (Auto-translated). Otherwise (if all types will be listed together) it would be hard to select regular subtitles.

Below is an example of possible set of subtitles (for this clip). Of course, it is rather an exception. Usually there are just one or few regular subtitles on the page. However if the page contains auto-translated subtitles, there are always more than hundred of them.

Subtitles support
Example of possible set of subtitles (regular subtitles are on the left side)

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